Here’s why 95% of all the money in real estate
is made by just a handful of agents

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Get The Most Powerful Cloud Based Real Estate software!

Just some of the Companies using LockedOn

“There’s nothing like it”

If your real estate success is dependent on the very latest state-of-the-art technology, why are you still using your current CRM?

Real estate’s most advanced agents are running to real estate’s most advanced software.

Cloud based LockedOn is here now and there’s nothing like it.

You’ll find out why LockedOn the fastest growing real estate CRM in Australia and NZ the minute you start using it.


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Do you believe these features could take your career to the next level?

  • The most advanced cloud based CRM in AUS & NZ
  • LockedOn is Web based
  • Cloud based
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Is the most user friendly CRM on the market
  • Multi User 1 or 200,000
  • Has an iPad app
  • Has vendor log in
  • Enter all contact detail just once
  • Stunning email tracking feature
  • Has an iPad listing presentation
  • Portal Push to major real estate portals means you enter listings just once
  • The fastest growing real estate CRM in AUS & NZ

Do you believe these features would take your productivity through the roof?

  • LockedOn lets you to delegate tasks to others.
  • LockedOn has the most advanced listing kit structure using the iPad 2.
  • LockedOn comes with some of the best business trail letters texts and personal marketing copy preloaded.
  • LockedOn allows you to stay in touch with your past anniversaries.
  • LockedOn allows you to have a structured 24 point marketing plan

Do you believe these features would give you a major edge over every other agent in your area?

  • LockedOn will store every contact you ever met from buyers to sellers.
  • LockedOn will let you know who the exact 30 people you need to be speaking to each day are.
  • LockedOn has a FULL property life cycle built in. This means you can communicate with EVERY owner in your system with a click on of a button.

Do you believe these features would make you think about switching from your current CRM?

  • LockedOn creates awesome looking custom HTML email templates.
  • LockedOn tracks email marketing campaigns so you can see who opens your messages.
  • LockedOn performs lightning fast buyer-to-property match & property match to buyer notifications.
  • LockedOn will send SMS/MMS picture and video notification to potential sellers and future buyers.
  • LockedOn will bulk mail merge letters for special JUST SOLD/JUST LISTED notifications or any other BULK merge you can think of.

Do you believe these features will grow your network faster?

  • LockedOn Is Social media savvy!
  • Every email you send from LockedOn can carry a link to your Facebook fan page or YouTube channel to grow your network faster.
  • LockedOn will track and monitor your Targets For Results (TRF’s) to make sure you’re completing your daily activities to reach your goals.
  • LockedOn has a unique DNA trail systems that lets you to stay in contact with past anniversaries

And we’re sure these are ‘features’ you can live WITHOUT

  • NO up front Joining or set up fees
  • NO Contract. LockedOn is month to month
  • Other real estate CRMs are 3 times dearer than LockedOn

If you answered YES to the five Challenge questions then you need to try LockedOn for yourself. You will quickly understand and experience the power of real estate’s most advanced CRM

If you’re not using LockedOn, we already know you are going without so many of these time saving and career changing features.

In real estate, every day is important because what we do today will determine our success next week, next month and next year.

There’s nothing like LockedOn, so try it today and change your tomorrow.

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Get The Most Powerful Cloud Based Real Estate software!

Just a Few Of The Amazing Features of LockedOn Cloud….

We do everything every other “basic-grade” software out there does, so we won’t list what you already expect us to do… But we will list many of the exclusive features that no one else offers in one package.

Access LockedOn from anywhere in the world, using any device (including your Mac or tablet device) – Wherever you are, you have access to your totally secure LockedOn account. Work from home, your office, your car, your opens. LockedOn removes limitations to give you a world of quality contact opportunities.
LockedOn’s one of a kind user interface and workflow makes for an incredible user experience – everything is easy to see, read and use. LockedOn’s Dashboard system allows you to access all of the major functions, such as adding clients and properties, sending marketing and grouping clients in one click.
LockedOn is a complete real estate database and CRM solution – meaning it manages your client’s details, buyer criteria, previous sales, your property farm area, tasks, appontments, templates, reports, marketing and much more. It’s a fully loaded CRM with all the features you need to run your agency. And being on the Cloud, all upgrades and new features are rolled out instantly to your account.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Record your contacts, their buyer criteria, see their inspections and offers, send them marketing – everything you need is there to manage your clients. For properties, you can enter your farm area, track campaigns, match buyers, create marketing, send to real estate websites – It’s a complete client and property management tool.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Set a list of tasks to a client – Say an email on Day 1, SMS on Day 7, MMS on Day 30, letter on Day 60. We call these follow-up sequences “DNA” plans. Create your own DNA plans in the Engine section to reuse, and the tasks will be scheduled for you to complete on the given day. No-one slips through the cracks. Never forget a task again!
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Drill down and find the exact contacts you are looking for (such as all sellers in a suburb looking for a house, for example, and then use the Send To Many feature to send a personalised HTML property brochure (created by LockedOn in 10 seconds), SMS, MMS or a letter. Using our unique workflow, sending bulk communication to clients can be done in under a minute – and without a PhD. LockedOn also features a full template library so you can easily store your commonly used SMS, MMS, emails and letters for use at any time.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

LockedOn features a HTML marketing creator – You can generate and save fully-branded HTML property brochures, stocklists, CMA’s and Active Agent Reports to send straight away, or saved in Templates for use at a later time.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Track your emails and group who has opened (or not opened) or clicked on your message, and from there send them further marketing (such as an MMS to those who clicked on a property to view online). This is personalised and intuitive email marketing at its best.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Monitor your professional ascendency by simply inserting your planned results and LockedOn’s TFR’s function will monitor and update automatically. At any time you can see out a glance where you are and what needs tweaking. This function is based on systems used by real estate’s top performers.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

In the Tasks section of LockedOn, you can easily complete all of your scheduled tasks for the day including those in the DNA plans for clients, and check your schedule for the day with LockedOn’s Appointments calendar. The Templates system in LockedOn fully integrates with your Daily Tasks, so you know exactly what to send and when.

Watch this video and learn about this feature

Use your iPad to WOW your sellers using LockedOn’s iPad Listing presentation. Take photos as you tour their home using your iPad, then present your Listing Presention on your iPad (which you create online), showing your sellers what their marketing would look like in your custom branding, and do an instant buyer match on the spot. How cool is that!
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Record buyer data using your iPad and sync those clients back to your LockedOn account. LockedOn records all of the client details and feedback, which you can then report back to your vendor. No more multiple entry. Time is money and the LockedOn app is a true mobile extension of your productivity.
Watch this video and learn about this feature

Send single-click HTML email reports to your vendor – Outlining all inspections, offers and feedback (including inspections added from the iPad) – Your selling clients can actually log in to their own account within your system to access vital details about the progress of their campaign.
This is what we call ‘Portal Push’ – Users have the option to select this feature and upload their listings instantly to, and AgentPoint – which enables you to upload to more than 90 portals worldwide! (AgentPoint fees apply).
Great training and support is just as important as great software. LockedOn provides full phone and email support via our advanced ticketing system to ensure no question goes unanswered. We also have a full video library, daily email tips and weekly webinars leaving no stone unturned.
When you create your LockedOn account, you will receive a call a LockedOn Guru – he will give you a complimentry one-on-one training session to get you started and answer any questions you have. There, you can schedule further sessions to become a LockedOn Ninja.
LockedOn is housed at Global Switch – One of the biggest and most secure data centres in the Southern Hemisphere. Protected by 24/7 security, onsite network engineers, dual-grid power supply and back-up generators (with fuel onsite), your data is kept secure with multiple backup systems, 256-bit SSL encryption and dedicated firewall systems – and you can export your data at any time.
Get The Most Powerful Cloud Based Real Estate software!

Get The Most Powerful Cloud Based Real Estate software!

Just a few of the World-Class Real Estate Experts using our system…

It’s amazing the number of employers who force their teams to use inferior systems that simply hold their people back.

“LookedOn cloud gives me brilliant mobility. The user interface is a thing of beauty”
Robert Petelinek AgentX

If you want more, you need to make yourself up right start.

If you can see yourself in the poll answers then this is your chance to rescue back your career and your future.

“LookedOn gives me wings. Thanks a heap for making real estate fun again”
Jonzun Lee. RE/MAX

Thank you for spending the time to find out about our powerful Real Estate software, LockedOn Cloud!

This software has changed the way MANY Real Estate agents run there business. It is designed to give you maximum chance of getting listings and making sales, saving time in your business by making powerful tasks easier and building your database of prospects faster than ever.

We are due to change this offer very soon, so take action now and secure your access of LockedOn Cloud now before prices go up!

Good luck in your Real Estate career.

Luke Newton & Iain French